Peter Fan

my journey exploring the world of information technology

About Me

Peter Fan

I'm not quite Peter "Pan", but people often say I don't look my age.

When I am not coding...

I enjoy reading financial markets 📈 news and Japanese manga
On weekends, I like go for a long hike 🥾 ⛰️ to clear my mind

People see me as...

a helpful and resourceful friend and co-worker
an adventurous traveller and open to trying new things

🤓 My Education Background...

Areas of Interest

Machine Learning

In this golden age of Machine Learning (ML), I am captivated by the transformative potential it holds. Having seen this field grow from the early mass-adoption of recommendation systems to transformer models, the future of ML fascinates me. I am eager to utilize my current knowledge and hands-on experience in ML to drive innovative solutions. By leveraging these skills, I aim to push the boundaries of AI applications to benefit humanity and the companies I align myself with.


Bridging my background in pre-clinical drug research and my interest in big data, I find bioinformatics an exciting field. My training has equipped me with a deep understanding of how to solve complex issues that traditional science faces with the help of computational tools. I am eager to harness this unique interdisciplinary expertise to revolutionize the medical field and contribute to a company that values cutting-edge, life-saving solutions.


Microservices perfectly blend my social inclination and my problem-solving passion as a software engineer and a scientist. This field enables me to interact with professionals from various sectors, grasp their unique challenges, and engineer tailored solutions. My past experiences have honed my skills in crafting efficient, scalable, and robust solutions. Through microservices, I hope to address multifaceted problems by leveraging the power of domain-driven design.