Peter Fan

my journey exploring the world of information technology


GPT Chatbot

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I engineered a GPT chatbot that can answer questions about myself. Through this hobby project, I learned how to use OpenAI's API and the Langchain framework to create a vectorized knowledge base (KB), host the vectorized KB on a vector database, and query the database using a Conversational Q&A Chain. It was a fun project that taught me a lot about the challenges in prompt engineering and the importance of a good knowledge base using structured data.

Tech Stack:
Langchain, OpenAI, Python, React, Pinecone

AI, Chatbot, OpenAI, LLM, Prompt Engineering

NextJS Website

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Instead of using a cut-and-paste template, I decided to build my website from scratch using NextJS and Tailwind CSS. I learned a lot about server-side versus client-side rendering, edge computing, and different web app hosting solutions.

Tech Stack:
React, TypeScript, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Firebase

Web Development, RESTful API